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2in1 Rain Jelly  

Soak, exfoliate, and massage in jelly. Helps remove toxins, stimulates blood circulation, moisturizes, and softens dry skin. 

2in1 Raindrop 

Bubbling and fizzing. Helps detox and remove dirt and impurities for younger looking skin. 

Salt Scrub

Rain Salt Scrub help exfoliate dry, dead skin to reveals beautiful skin underneath. 

Collagen Mask

 Collagen masks are popular these days. Collagen mask can eliminate rough, flaky, dull skin and provide enough moisture to render a dewy glow.

Massage Lotion

Collagen Lotion has the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It promotes soft skin for a more youthful, radiant, and healthier look.

It's Time To Create Your Own Pedi Kit!!!

Step 1 

Rain 2in1 Jelly OR Rain 2in1 Raindrop

❤️ 💧 Rain Jelly can help you remove toxins, stimulate blood circulation, moisturizes, and softens dry, cracked skin. 

💧Soak, exfoliate and massage in a tub full of jelly for the most unforgettable spa experience. Add Rain Jelly into warm water, transforming it into translucent jelly immediately. When done, add Rain Jelly Step 2 into the foot bath to dilute the jelly.

📦 100 2in1 Kit Per Box. 

💧Pedi Start With Rain


Raindrop is a combine action that can assist in the elimination of toxins, promoting blood flow, moisturizing, and making dry, cracked skin smooth.
🫧🫧A lively Raindrop that vigorously cleanses and purifies.

📦100 Packs are included in each Box.
💧💧💧 Begin your Pedi with Rain.

Step 2

Rain Salt Scrub

💧💧💧Pedi start with Rain. 

✨✨Salt Scrub helps clears away dead skin and reveals newer, younger-looking skin.

📦100 packs per Box. 


Step 3

Rain Collagen Mask

💧💧💧Pedi start with Rain. 

❤️❤️ Collagen masks are popular these days. Collagen mask can eliminate rough, flaky, dull skin and provide enough moisture to render a dewy glow.

Collagen that can boost skin elasticity and improve skin brightness. It also has moisture-binding Hyaluronic Acid that makes the face look lush and supple – fighting wrinkles, fine lines, and facial creases that may want to set in prematurely.

📦100 Packs Collagen Mask. 


Step 4

Rain Collagen Lotion 

💧💧💧Pedi start with Rain. 

❤️❤️Collagen Massage Lotion – moisturizes as the collagen replenishes skin for a beautiful, youthful glow with a silky soft skin.

📦100 packs per box. 


Kindly Note, That Each Pedi Kit Step Comes With A Pack Of 100 Per Box. However, If You Want The Individual Pedi Kit Steps To Be Placed In A Rain Pedi Kit Bag, We Can Accommodate That Request. Simply Add The Rain Pedi Kit Bag, And We Will Pack It For You.

100 Empty Pedi Kit Bag

If You Don't Prefer Making Your Pedi Kit, We Offer a Pre-made Rain 5in1 Pedi Kit For You!!!

You're Going To Love Rain Pedi Kit !!!

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